Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nestled in the Mountains

This past week was the height of autumn color in the valleys, so on my way to the Gallery I saw the perfect shot of Black Mountain.   Pictures speak louder than words about what a heavenly spot this is.   I've drawn an arrow to identify the location of Art From The Heart!  Come visit!


  1. It really has been a beautiful fall here as well! Love the litle arrow - (how cute!) I hope to be coming your way soon!


  2. Lovely picture. I was a child in Kentucky and do miss some of the sights and smells of that version of nature. I also love my home state of Florida with a completely different sort of scenery. It's weird, no matter where I am there is a bit of home sickness. You picture looks like a beautiful painting. I have read some of your blog posts and enjoyed it very much. I do hope all is well and you are able to continue blogging.