Monday, June 14, 2010

Artful Reverence

With all of the jewelry I have made over the past 29 years…for me to carry jewelry work in the Gallery made by someone else says that there is something absolutely extraordinary to me about the design and execution.   I couldn't resist sharing these.   You know how a certain pillow on the couch perks up the rest of the furniture?  That’s the case with these exquisitely detailed 18 kt hydrangea blossom rings on textured earthy sterling bands in my Gallery.  A tiny diamond accents the delicate single hydrangea flower.  They are so precious I want to eat them. Entirely made by hand, these rings can be ordered in any size & easily shipped.  Delivery is generally around 2-3 weeks.   As with all things from the Gallery, they can be mailed.


  1. Oh Dee - these are just beautiful. You do have the most unique and lovely jewelry in your beautiful shop! These look so very fragile and beautiful!


  2. I'm a fan of this artist as well and one of these beautiful rings is on my wish list. :) Raphaella