Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Happy Storefront

For five years I had a large shop called Recollections...a two story 1905 historic house built by Biltmore Estate junior architect Richard Sharp Smith. It was located near the Biltmore Estate. Those five years were a blur of continuous work and stress that left me with almost no time to do creative work. It was an unhappy time for me though financially it was successful. I was very glad to sell the business to return to jewelry design work. After three years I decided to try another attempt at a store and wanted a small vacant space in Black Mountain that I had been visualizing for a long time. I opened in May of 2009 and it is exactly what I want in a Gallery. While a larger space would be financially advantageous in order to carry more selection, I am currently happy in my little space and place. As a friend recently told me, “It is so you”.

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