Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making Peace with the Evil Eye

After working on a project for a lot of this past year, I found out it isn’t going forward yesterday. Wow. Ouch. You kidding me? Unfair. Unjust. Deep.   It’s so easy to get stuck in a victim mindset.   Sometimes it’s the oddest things that remind me to just deal with the moment and let it go afterwards, and yesterday it was a relative’s cat.  This old cat is alive to whatever new possibilities present themselves to it…whether it’s a new lap, moved furniture, moving feather…and never seems to withhold enjoyment from herself while fuming over why the kitty litter was moved for the 1000th time & other such humanoid injustices placed upon her.  Yep, I’m moving the cat carvings at the gallery into direct view of my workbench.  So far, I notice I’m getting very very sleeeeepy.  I like that better than being resentful.

1 comment:

  1. Dee - those are fabulous! I have a friend who loves cats and these would be right up her alley!