Friday, June 11, 2010

Who knew ceiling tiles could be this beautiful!

I met Linda at a Wildflower Art and Craft Show where we were both exhibitors.   Surrounded by her wildflower artwork, it gave her an air of femininity and grace.   A few years later when I opened my current location, I asked if I could represent her work in the Gallery, and she was delighted.   I love that she paints on distressed metal ceiling tiles that serve as frames.   The simple but elegant paintings depict lady’s slippers, jack in the pulpit, trillium, ferns, hydrangea and poppy blossoms…all hard to find in artwork.   They are well suited for displaying in pairs or trios…her work is affordable for those who appreciate original paintings without an exorbitant price tag. I know, I bought one years ago.   A sampling of current offerings are pictured.

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