Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's raining Nests

If there is one thing I have a fascination with…it’s nests. As I was anticipating opening the Gallery, I even toyed with the idea of naming it “An Artisan Nest”. But “Nest” doesn’t have a great deal to do with my own jewelry work so I’ve stored away the idea for now. It was quite a serendipitous day when knitter extraordinaire Vicki walked in and left her card saying that she had chosen my little Gallery as the simpatico place to share her nests in a retail setting. Glee is a good word to describe my reaction to the photos of her work. Knitted with at least 50 types of yarn, they also sport bits of ribbon, paper, plastic shred, beads, and other exotic finds to “feather” her nests. My oh my they bring joy to the heart.   Like a mother bird to her precious nests...she found the Gallery that will tend to them well.  There is a generosity in her heart that is more about sharing her creativity than selling so Vicki prices her work so that people who are drawn to them will be able to afford this truly unique and completely handcrafted work of art.  The Gallery price is $44 and shipping is $8.50 for a total of $52.50 should you want to order one of the "Sissies".  Every nest is unique, she doesn’t make a lot of them, so first come first served.


  1. Hi Dee - Your blog is truly lovely! This is the perfect place to showcase your beautiful gallery. Thanks for posting about my little nests! I am so honored to have them in your wonderful place~~~


  2. Dee I found your blog on Vicki's blog and am also lucky enough to have one of her nests. Your shop looks charming and I wish I was closer (I'm in Georgia). If I ever get up your way I'll be sure to stop by. I just love your jewelry and the clay birdhouses. Wonderful creations!

  3. Oh and did I say I'm a sucker for anything with birds? LOLOLOL

  4. Love your blog. Those bird nests are do I order one?? Susan

  5. Thank you all for the supportive comments ... having Vicki's nests has been fun and exciting at the same time. Susan, just email me direct for information about getting a nest through the Gallery if you are still interested in Sissy, Big Sissy etc.

  6. Hello Dee... I just found your blog through Vicki at 2 Bags Full... would you please save one of those darling nests for me? I tried to call you and left a message, forgetting you are two hours ahead of me in time... my email is I am also going to look at your beautiful jewelry... everything is just stunning! Please let me know about the little nest, and I am sure I will be ordering more items! Thanks so much, Julie Marie

  7. Thank you all for coming through Vickie's blog to mine and yes, anyone who is interested in having us ship a nest, please email me. The email is listed toward the top of the blog.

  8. One of the sissy nests wrote the following to her Mama Knitter so I thought my dear blog readers would want to read it too. Dee

    "Dear Mama,
    Oh I just had to write a fast note to let you know I’m as excited as can be to be on my way to my forever home…some nice ladies saw our pictures on your blog and contacted our foster mom Dee. I got a home and two more of the sissies did too. Oh I can’t wait…I hear that my new “Mom” knits like you do Mama. And she collects scraps of yarn and stuff like we are made of. Oh it’s so exciting. I will miss our happy time here and flirting with all the birds that Miss Dee has, but I can’t wait to see more of the world. I hope I get to send you more pictures once I get there and settle in. I’ll always love you Mom for creating me. Miss Dee’s husband is taking us to the post office right after I finish this note, so the next time we write, it will be from our new homes.
    Pretty Sissy

    PS – I forgot to say that Miss Dee said to say hello and that she will send my note to you in some magical way so that you can read it the same day!"